No doubt you want to live in a clean, healthy and hygienic home. Let us improve the environment that you and your family live in by thoroughly cleaning deep into the fibres of your carpet’s and upholstery.

Our effective method of cleaning will…

Destroy dust mites, germs, bacteria & moulds

Extract causes of many allergies

Prolong carpet or upholstery life

Clean traffic lanes or heavy use areas

Lifts carpet or fabric pile & improves softness

Wash out water-soluble soils

Break down oily dirt & residues

Brighten colours

Flush out odours

Draw out pollutants

Dissolve gum, wax, shoe polish, tar, nicotine, soot & more

Repel further dirt

Carpets can be one of the most expensive items to purchase for the home. So, when considering their cleaning and maintenance, you want the best for them. Carpets act as a filter and collect all sorts of dust, grit and soil. Whilst vacuuming on a regular basis will alleviate some of this problem, it does not remove those deep down soils that attach themselves to the fibres. Professional cleaning will release those problematic soils and assist in maintaining the original look and lustre of your carpet.

Replacing your upholstery can be a costly hassle, but you don’t have to. Our intensive cleaning method will make your furnishing’s look brand new and prolong their life. We use the same through cleaning methods as we do for our carpet cleaning and tailor it to suit the fabric of your upholstery.

Included as standard in our carpet & upholstery cleaning

  • Pre-Inspection
  • Pre-Grooming
  • High-Filtration Vacuum
  • Move Small Furnishings (carpets)
  • We use ‘Corner Guards’
  • Pre-Wash
  • Pre-Spot Difficult Stains
  • Electric Contrary Rotating Brush Agitation (carpets) or Hand Brush Agitation (upholstery)
  • Rinse – Hot Water Extraction
  • Post Spotting
  • Post Grooming
  • Protective Foil Tabs/Foam Blocks for furniture (carpets)
  • Rapid-Dry’ System
  • Post Cleaning Inspection
  • Optional extra – Choice of deodouriser
  • Optional extra – Soil & Stain protector

If you are interested in saving money and spreading the cost of your carpet cleaning, then ask about our maintenance plan. You will save money, it will prolong the life of your carpets and you will have clean and healthy carpets all year round!

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